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Terms of Business


JUSTITIA CHAMBERS and its Members are authorised and regulated by the Bar Standards Board (  Members of Chambers are individually self-employed barristers who operate under the Bar Council of England and Wales’s Code of Conduct which is published on the BSB website. Our Members’ Authorisation to Practice information can be found on the BSB Barristers Register at:


Provision of Services

Our Barristers offer specialist advice and representation principally in the areas of Immigration and related Public Law as detailed under our Practice Areas but individual barristers may offer expertise in other areas of law as indicated on their personal profile pages.

Instructions are accepted from solicitors regulated by the SRA and other professional/ authorised clients under the BSB Standard Contractual Terms 2012 as amended by the GDPR Regulations 2018.

We are also able to accept instructions direct from members of the public under the Bar Council’s Public Access scheme. Not all our barristers are registered to be able to offer Public Access advice/representation but those who are provide services to lay clients under the terms of the Public Access Guidance for Lay Clients here.

 The following factors may influence the cost/timescale for the provision of services:

  • the availability of the barrister

  • the availability of the client for conference (where appropriate)

  • the complexity of the case

  • the urgency of the matter (eg deadline for delivery of documents set by a Court)

  • the amount of papers the barrister will be required to read

  • the need for any additional information to be obtained to assist in preparation

  • the approach adopted by the other side

  • any third parties involved in the case

  • the distance of any travel to Court and likely waiting times


Fee Structure

Unless a client is legally aided, our fee structure is dependent upon all the above factors and will normally be by a fixed fee or, where appropriate, hourly rate for any work undertaken as agreed with the instructing solicitor or public access client. Where a barrister is briefed for a hearing, a Brief fee will be agreed. The Brief fee is a fixed fee covering preparation for a hearing and the first day of that hearing. Thereafter a Refresher, or fixed daily fee, will be agreed for subsequent days.  VAT will be added to fees where applicable.

As stated above fees for work depend on the compexity/urgency of the case and the seniority/experience of the barrister concerned but commence for our most junior tenants at:

£250 for a Conference

£300 for the drafting of initial Grounds/Representations

£450 for hearings in the First Tier Tribunal/County Court

£600 for hearings in the Upper Tribunal/High Court

Our senior barristers will command higher fees for their work than those specified above

Fees for hearings in the Admin/Appeal Court will be judged on the merits of each individual case and negotiated with the Practice Director.

Transparency Statement

The Practice Director is able to provide fee estimates and will quote on a fixed fee or hourly rate basis depending on the requirements of whoever is instructing the barrister.  The Practice Director will also keep the professional/lay client updated on timescales and changes (outside of Chambers control) which may have an effect on the case.

Justitia Chambers is fully committed to transparency in relation to fees, which will normally be calculated by reference to the factors shown above at a commercial rate applicable to the relevant barrister.  We aim to make our fees flexible and competitive.

Where a Public Access case has been accepted and allocated to a barrister, we will review and assess the matter to ensure that no further information is required. This assessment may affect the turnaround time and the fee but the fee will be confirmed at this point.  If the client agrees to the work being undertaken, he/she will be asked to sign a Client Care Letter thereby committing him/herself to pay the fee prior to commencement of the work.

In the majority of cases the fee being quoted will be a net figure and VAT may need to be added, unless specifically stated otherwise, where the barrister is registered for VAT and/or the client is eligible to pay VAT.


In the first instance, complaints are dealt with by our own internal processes and should initially be made to the Practice Director. Full details of our complaints procedure may be found under our Legal section.

Clients may complain up to 6 years from the date of the occurrence of their dissatisfaction with our or our Members’ services however, any complaint should be lodged at the earliest opportunity.

If a client does not accept our findings following the initial investigation of the complaint, they may refer the matter to the Legal Ombudsman at:

The Legal Ombudsman records data about the complaints it has investigated. This data may be found at:

If you are not a client and reject our findings following a complaint, the matter may be referred to the Professional Conduct Committee of the Bar Standards Board at:

The Bar Tribunals and Adjudication Service investigate complaints made to the Bar Standards Board.  Details of findings and sanctions may be found at:


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