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We are Justitia

Justitia Chambers was formed in November 2016 by Shivani Jegarajah and our Chambers Director, Elaine Cheeseman.  Shivani has now been practising in asylum and immigration law for some 30 years and has been ranked in Chambers & Partners, the Legal 500 and Lawyer Monthly.   Elaine is a former Senior Clerk and Chambers Manager with more than 35 years' experience in administration and marketing.


Justitia aims to give its barristers a flexible structure and the freedom to practise and develop as individuals. Its key strengths are efficient and professional administration that serves both instructing solicitors and lay clients effectively.


Justitia has always sought to encourage and support the careers of working parents and carers given that this is the background of the founders.  It is for this reason that we operate an entirely virtual office with access to conference facilities near to the Courts and Tribunals, where our barristers can meet clients when necessary.


Justitia believes in developing close working relationships with instructing solicitors but also welcomes enquiries from lay clients via the Public Access Scheme.


Justitia continues to recruit members who wish to take advantage of this kind of flexible working environment, giving them the opportunity to achieve a better work-life balance yet with the infrastructure and commitment behind them to fully support their practices.


         - Elaine Cheeseman, Chambers Director

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