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Shivani Jegarajah
Immigration & Human Rights

Called to the UK Bar in 1993, Shivani has been providing cutting edge advice and legal representation in her specialist field of immigration and related human rights ever since. Renowned for taking a pro-active and sometimes aggressive approach to the law, she also has the personal touch which gives her clients confidence in her ability to achieve their desired outcome.  She is able to think "outside the box" and make legal arguments that may not have been considered previously, thereby setting a precedent for other cases.

Shivani has represented clients before the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal as well as at First Tier and Upper Tribunal level.  Her ability to convince a judge or tribunal of the merits of complex cases is unrivalled. She is a firm believer in the rights of every asylum seeker or migrant to be heard and she will fight to convince the Court to take into account all the applicant's circumstances before reaching its decision.  She has a track record of preventing deportations via Judicial Review and has been succeessful in getting deportees taken off flights at the last minute.

More recently, Shivani has represented clients involved in disciplinary proceedings where their livelihoods are threatened by allegations of professional misconduct.  This includes BSB, SRA, GMC and NMC cases.

Shivani has often appeared in the media in relation to Human Rights issues such as being asked to analyse the leaked draft of the Counter Terrorism Act in Sri Lanka and its consequences for Tamils. She has spoken before the Panel Meeting at several Sessions of the UNHRC on War Crimes Investigations by the Sri Lankan Government.

Shivani has also been asked to comment on the removal of Shamima Begum's citizenship and the refusal by the UK government to allow her back into the UK. 


"I believe in being a fearless activist and fighter and will use every weapon in my legal armoury to defend my clients. I am persistent and will never give up until every possible avenue has been explored."



The Honourable Society of Middle Temple

The Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers

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