Shivani takes on the deportation case of Twane Morgan, former Commonwealth soldier in the British Ar


Shivani Jegarajah of Justitia Chambers has recently taken on the case of Twane Morgan. A former British Commonwealth Soldier who is facing deportation by the Government.

Working in conjuction with Rogols Solicitors and BARAC UK, Shivani looks to fight the case of the Former Soldier who served two tours in 2007 after coming to the UK in 2003 from Jamaica.

He faces deportation following an event described on the page:

"In Sept 2011 he received a 6 year prison sentence (but served 3) for defending himself against his ex-partner's father who had attacked him with a hammer. They had both been drinking at the time. He was handed a deportation order to Jamaica in December 2014."

Twane would leave behind his sister, Tenisha, his long term partner and his five children - all of whom are British by right - should be be deported.

Find out more and sign the petition at below:

#immigration #deportation #petition

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