Direct Public Access

Under the Public Access Scheme, most Members of Justitia are able to accept instructions from lay clients, ie those who are seeking legal advice and representation but are not professionally qualified.  This can save the client money as it means they do not need to go through a solicitor first but can come straight to the barrister.  Instructions may be accepted on the basis of the Bar Council's guidance for lay clients: 





In order to do this, the client is asked to sign a client care letter which forms a contract between the barrister and the client for legal services.  The barrister cannot usually conduct litigation so the client must take responsibility for providing an address for service to the Court and correspondence with the other parties in their case.  They must be able to undertake administrative tasks in relation to issuing and serving documents and the payment of any Court fees which would normally be handled by a solicitor.

It may be that your barrister will advise you that your case would be more appropriately conducted in conjunction with a solicitor or that you are eligible for legal aid in which case a solicitor would need to be instructed as well since barristers do not themselves hold contracts with the Legal Aid Agency.


Our Members offer legal services, advice and advocacy at all levels of the Court system including the Immigration First Tier and Upper Tribunals as well as the High Court, Administrative Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.  Whilst not all of following areas would be sutable for direct access we can advise and represent in cases involving:​


Bail Applications

Entry Clearance

Human Rights


Regulatory Law


Errors of Law/Procedure


Meaning of Persecution

Criminal Deportation/Extradition

Unlawful Detention

War Crimes/Exclusion




For more information about instructing our Members on a direct access basis, please call the number above or email the Chambers Director via or submit your details on our Contact Us page.

Our pricing for Public Access work differs from our standard fees in that we will endeavour to offer a fixed fee for any work undertaken so that the client understands the scope of the work and its attendant cost from the outset.  This will depend on factors such as the type of work being undertaken and the timeframe within which it may be required.  Urgent work will warrant a higher fee than cases where there is a reasonable period in which to comply with any deadlines.  The complexity of the matter will also influence the level of fee that is quoted at the time of instruction.